Team Members

The team of News Empire consists of some wonderful writers who are skilled researchers and hold varying levels of expertise in their fields. Their hard work and impeccable communication of the issues at hand help in bringing out the most accurate picture of what is making news in the world.

Ben Hayes
CEO & Founder

Ben, our founding team member, is a logical and calculative leader. His guidance and strict need for the best quality in work helps the team put in a good effort and work to their advantages. He encourages and hones the talents of the team to produce a news website that can be trusted. 

Bradley Sterner
Writer (Android)

Where the Android mobile phone operating system is concerned, Bradley is a source of invaluable facts and information. He takes a genuine interest in this technology, and guides his readers to a better understanding of what is coming, how different it is from the existing tech, and how much easier it will make your life. 

Scott Martin
Writer (Cannabis)

Scott is a passionate advocate for legalising marijuana federally. He also believes that past convictions should be overturned, and hopes that his news stories may one day affect the laws. His main focus is to outline the latest cannabis-related policies and help in equipping citizens with the rights to fight unjust arrest and detention.

Lindsay Benjamin
Writer (Crypto)

Between blockchains and the unregulated sector, cryptocurrency has come a long way already. For it to be integrated into the normal economy, there is still a lot of ground to cover. Lindsay understands this and conveys the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets and new developments. 

Mary Williams
Writer (Sports)

Our sports correspondent, Mary, is a former student-athlete who went on to study sports management in order to better learn how sporting authorities and games operate in the country. The result of the collision of these qualities and her writing skill set, is her unique sports column that covers all the necessary information needed for you to catch up for the day.