About Us

News Empire is a quality news channel that combines information with content and stories. Our team works together to only report the most important news items that change the course of history, and affect the present in a massive way.

The aim of the blog was to create a channel which relayed the news to all citizens, without any contamination from mainstream media. We desist from the notion that the media must distort the truth to gather the attention of the public. Our motto of bringing to our readers ‘Just News!’ is of prime importance. The concept of the news right now has distanced itself from reality and some facts may be withheld from the public.

News Empire condones this and acts under the ethics and regulations of the free press. We report with no fear and show all sides of a coin to give a wholesome point of view to the reader.

What actions the reader takes after seeing all sides of the argument is quintessential. Visit our website for ‘Just News’ and nothing less.

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