Xiaomi announced the MIUI 11 release date

Xiaomi started rolling out MIUI 11 just over a month ago, it appears the updated OS is finally ready for the limelight. Xiaomi device owners can expect to see the official MIUI 11 launch October 16.

In a recent tweet, the MIUI team posted a video teasing its launch. The tweet didn’t give any insight as to which devices or markets will receive the update first. All we can predict is that India devices should be at the top of the list since the tweet came from MIUI’s Indian Twitter account.

In a subsequent tweet, it asked followers if they are ready for a minimalist design. This design choice is no secret since we already know what MIUI 11 will look like thanks to the open beta Xiaomi released a couple of weeks ago.

Xiaomi also previously said MIUI 11 would be the fastest rollout in the history of the operating system. If you own one of Xiaomi’s latest devices, expect to see the update sooner than later.

Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 officially launches one day after this year’s Made by Google event. Will Xiaomi prove its latest OS update is a worthy competitor to what Google’s Pixel 4 will offer? It is yet to be seen.

Bradley Sterner

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