Google: Take our free Kotlin programming language courses to build Android apps

Google: Take our free Kotlin programming language courses to build Android apps

The advertising and tech giant Google has announced free courses taught over a video to help new age programmers learn the fastest growing programming language on GitHub – Kotlin. This move comes as part of Google’s effort to shift Android app makers from Java, which is owned by Oracle, to Kotlin, the official Android programming language on GitHub which is owned by Microsoft.

In the past year, Google has worked with the online developer education company Udacity, which will help in providing free lessons as codelab courses formatted like tutorials. The courses are aimed at developers who already have experience in programming object-oriented and statistically typed languages such as Jaca or C#, IDE’s like JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Eclipse, or Microsoft Visual Studio. Students will have to install the Java Development Kit and IntelliJ.

Since last year, Google has been working with online developer education company Udacity

Google is promoting Kotlin as a concise and modern object-oriented language that offers strong type interface, type system, null safety, properties, lambdas, extensions, and coroutines as means of higher-order functions,

These courses began last year through the Kotlin Bootcamp course and now offers them in Google Developers Codelabs formats as well. Google and Udacity offer video-based courses on Kotlin Bootcamp along with How to Build applications in Kotlin according to the senior program manager at Google Developer Training. She also said that to help people who learn differently, the courses have been reworked as tutorial codelab courses. Over 2.5 million users have worked through Google codelabs in 2019.

Google announced its support for Kotlin in 2017 and it has since become one of the most popular languages to understand. Kotlin operates with Java and libraries which include the JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

The company now promises mobile phone application developers who take the courses will learn everything about the language such as Kotlin statements and built-in functions. Developers will be given interactive user interfaces on one screen, and a multiscreen Google Developer Group Finder application which will get data from a live server on the web.

Along with this, Android Jetpack components and community libraries such as Glide for loading images and Retrofit for networking will be provided. In the end, Google guarantees that the developers will have completed making 10 applications which will act as a portfolio to show to potential customers or employers.

With Google priming developers to boost Android use, Microsoft also launched a video series to train developers to use the Python open-source programming language, encouraging the use of Azure Machine Learning services.


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