Odell Beckham’s gentle response to the Giants’ Eli Manning switch

Odell Beckham’s gentle response to the Giants’ Eli Manning switch

Odell Beckham’s campaign against the Giants does not seem to include going against Eli Manning. Daniel Jones has replaced Manning as of this week, but when Beckham was asked about him, he insisted that he had only love for him.

He refused to comment on the situation, claiming that since he does not play for the team anymore, he did not have anything to do with the move, and so he wouldn’t be able to say anything about it.

The bitterness that Beckham has shown towards the Giants in the past is a sharp contrast to this behavior since he was traded to Cleveland in March, a mere year into their five year contract which was estimated to value $90 million. He has not shied away from criticizing Manning in the past, with whom he played for five seasons since his debut.

Last fall, Beckham had come under fire for an explosive interview which cost him a fine, where he questioned Eli Manning’s ability during an offseason. He also remarked early this summer that his current quarterback, Baker Mayfield, played a better game than Manning.

In two games with the Browns (1-1), out of which one was played at his home stadium – the MetLife Stadium – against the Jets, the 26-year old Beckham scored 13 receptions for 232 yards, along with one touchdown.

The Giants currently stand at 0-2, and hope that their sixth overall pick from the April draft, Jones, can save their game this season.


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