Pocket Casts, one of Android's best podcast apps, is now free

Pocket Casts, one of Android’s best podcast apps, is now free

For Android and iOS, Pocket Casts has long been one of the most popular podcast apps. This offer powerful playback features and a clean UI. Though, it is $4 asking cost has probably held some people back from pulling the trigger on it. Pocket Casts can be downloaded for free as of 18 September.

Even with the shift to a free model, all existing features of Pocket Casts will remain, including things such as easy podcast discovery, playback speed controls, three app themes (Light, Dark, and Extra Dark) and downloads for offline listening. Additionally, Pocket Casts reassures that to the free version of the app, it’ll carry on to add new features for every person to enjoy.

Commenting on the reports, Owen Grover, Pocket Casts CEO said:

Pocket Casts is developed for podcast fans, by podcasts fans. From the time when we launched in the year 2010, we’ve been infatuated with the user experience and have constantly delivered influential and instinctive features to the medium’s most passionate fans. In today’s quickly evolving audio landscape, it is important that we stand for free and open access, no walled gardens, to grow the medium as delivering the world’s best listening experience.


Hence, so long as Pocket Casts stays faithful to keeping the free version as a feature, this should be a win for everyone. 


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