OLCC Prompts Cannabis Industry To Check For Harmful Additives

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is now asking processors and retailers to review vaping paraphernalia for potentially dangerous additives.

This follows a user’s vaping death in July.  Investigators are seeing if something added to a commercially-purchased marijuana oil is to blame.

Trenton Hancock is a cannabis grower with Creswell Oreganics.  He says random – and more stringent – testing of products can help make the marketplace safer.

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s no public accountability for toxic product,” Hancock said.  “And testing on the shelf is critical to make sure that whatever the consumer is getting is clean.

“In the future I believe there’ll be testing on the shelf, so that we know that it’s clean, and if it comes up dirty we’ll lose our license.”

Hancock adds cannabis growers remain largely in charge of testing, which includes determining what samples get sent to labs.  He says this could lead to deceptive and unsafe practices from unscrupulous growers.


Scott Martin

Scott is a passionate advocate for legalising marijuana federally. He also believes that past convictions should be overturned, and hopes that his news stories may one day affect the laws. His main focus is to outline the latest cannabis-related policies and help in equipping citizens with the rights to fight unjust arrest and detention.

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